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OVVO Sterilization Consumables

Introducing our comprehensive line of sterilization consumables, designed to complement and enhance the sterilization process in healthcare facilities and laboratories. Our range of high-quality consumables ensures that you have the essential tools needed to maintain a sterile environment and achieve optimal infection control.

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Sterilization Pouches: Our sterilization pouches provide a secure and convenient packaging solution for sterilizing instruments and equipment. Made from medical-grade materials, these pouches are heat-sealable and feature built-in indicators to verify the sterilization process. With various sizes available, you can confidently package and protect your instruments during sterilization cycles.

Sterilization Wraps: Our sterilization wraps are designed to provide a barrier against microorganisms during the sterilization process. Made from durable, tear-resistant material, these wraps ensure the integrity of sterilized items. They offer excellent breathability and moisture control, promoting proper sterilization while maintaining the sterility of packaged items.

Sterilization Indicator Tapes: Our sterilization indicator tapes offer a visual confirmation of successful sterilization. These adhesive tapes change color when exposed to sterilization conditions, providing a clear indication that the items have undergone the sterilization process. The tapes are easy to apply and remove, making them an essential tool for monitoring the sterilization cycle.

Biological Indicators: For the most rigorous sterilization validation, our biological indicators provide a reliable and accurate method to verify the effectiveness of the sterilization process. These indicators contain highly resistant microorganisms, and their growth or lack thereof after the sterilization cycle confirms the efficacy of the process. Our biological indicators offer peace of mind by ensuring the highest level of sterilization standards are met.

Sterilization Chemical Indicators: Our sterilization chemical indicators offer a quick and convenient method to assess the sterilization process. These indicators change color when exposed to specific sterilization conditions, providing a visual confirmation that the items have been subjected to the required sterilization parameters. With different types available, such as steam, ethylene oxide, and hydrogen peroxide indicators, you can choose the appropriate indicator for your sterilization method.

Sterilization Bowie-Dick Test Packs: Our Bowie-Dick test packs are specially designed to test the effectiveness of air removal and steam penetration in pre-vacuum steam sterilizers. These packs simulate a challenging sterilization scenario, allowing you to validate the performance of your sterilizer and ensure optimal sterilization cycles.

Sterilization Chemical Integrators: Our chemical integrators are designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the sterilization process. These integrators monitor critical sterilization parameters, such as time, temperature, and steam exposure, to ensure that all conditions have been met for proper sterilization. Their easy-to-read indicators provide a reliable and instant verification of sterilization efficacy.

With our sterilization consumables, you can trust that your sterilization process is supported by high-quality products that meet industry standards and regulations. Our commitment to excellence and infection control is reflected in the reliability and performance of our consumable line. Choose our consumables to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of your sterilization practices.

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