Spray Gun Rinsers

OVVO Spray Gun Rinser

Ovvo air-water guns are in general used for the pre- washing and rinsing of instruments used at laboratories (volumetric flask, glass cylinder and balloon, erlenmeyer flask, glass tubes and etc.) and hospitals (medical pipette, catheters, endoscopes, catheters (cannula), general surgical instruments, syringes).

8 Different Nozzles
Flexible & Robust
Both Air & Water Use
       FEATURES               MATERIAL               WARRANTY       

Special mechanism allows you to set desired pressure
Non-Slip handle made of special silicone material
Quick jack makes easier and faster installation
Wall hanging apparatus to keep nozzles safe and easy to reach
Spiral Water Pipe expanding up to 255 cm
Nozzles made from Magnesium and Zinc Alloy
8 different screw type nozzles to wash and rinse materials
Nozzles are easily screwed and removed.
The gun cones are made as screw type.
It is used safely in the long period of the time under working of compressed air and water without harming anybody.
Widely being used in hospital and laboratories to wash and rinse instruments and also for such transactions requiring
rinsing and washing.

Manufactured from Magnesium and Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel option is available

All OVVO Spray Gun Rinser with a comprehensive 2-year warranty, ensuring protection against any workmanship defects


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